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icon, timeless pin-up, 50 years in showbusiness have made Barbara Windsor - all 4ft 10in of her - into a national institution.

She'll celebrate her 70th birthday in August, but she's still bursting with more energy than a puppy with a Pro Plus habit.

Budgets and resources were dramatically lower than when she was under the care of CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

“To illustrate this there was a one year wait to access in community eating disorder therapy despite being assessed as an urgent case.

“We are pleased NHS England has introduced new standards for waiting times for children and adolescents but the same priority must be given to those over the age of 18 to access treatment quickly.

Eating disorders do not disappear when someone becomes an adult, and so we must see equivalent targets established across all age groups.

We had the same raucous laugh, which she thought was vulgar and unladylike." But when she left court, her father cut her dead. I think I was kind of mistaking love and sex." I think she was. I think it might be that she gives of herself so much, so wants it to be the real thing, that she just does not stop to think.

I wonder, of course, if she thinks about the children she never had.

I wonder if she wonders what they might have been like. Obviously, you do think, well, that one would be 40-odd now.

“It also important that access to treatment is considered alongside waiting times, so that no-one is excluded from the treatment they need.” To donate towards Stephen and Pippa’s challenge, visit

But life's been short of comedy since the day her father disowned her. " She can be spectacularly camp, spectacularly Abigail's Party. " But it would be foolish, I think, to dismiss her as just that, or as just a pair of joke breasts. After all, the bra-pinging scene from Carry On Camping is one of the most famous and best-loved stills in British cinema.

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