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execution is near-flawless and is maintained for the film’s full 83-minute runtime.The film uses actual applications in a tiled/overlapping windowed environment.Another, albeit remote possibility, is that the malevolent entity is responsible for recording Blair’s laptop activity.Very early in the film, the entity demonstrates the ability to manipulate Blair’s laptop, post videos to the Facebook timelines of Blaire’s friends, and manipulate Blaire’s Gmail.Convinced that someone hacked into Laura Barnes account, the group decide to end the call.

The film opens one year following Laura Barns’ tragic death.The found footage purity is a measure of how closely a film comes across as real found footage.In the case of the found footage purity is exceptionally done.One of the challenges historically faced by many feature films and television programs displaying on-screen use of a computer is the complete lack of realism.Typically, the mouse motions and typing are too smooth, exacting, and rhythmic, and the user interface is, for lack of a better phrase, dumbed down for the viewing public.

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Additionally, astute viewers and fans of is single fold, character Blair has software installed on her laptop computer that is recording all of her activity on the night in question.

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