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Very sorry, i can't find any reasons to give my only daughter to you."- This is the first time JH and RE's father meeting and it's also the last warning for JH I've been a silent reader for so long.I really liked Will after Miss No Good and when I heard he was in another drama I was thrilled!! --He's too silly a bed scene but refuse to take off his clothes? besides like wikipedia i didn't hear any news at all about it being 13 eps... i hope sublimes can sub it too so that it'll be faster ^^ i still havent seen the subbed first episode although ive downloaded it. " - RE finally ended her 15 years of one sided love- JH is pissed off - JH: "Did i ever ask you to pity me!?ill watch it this weekend ^^ - RE took JH whom is unconcious to the hospital - JH's injuries isn't that serious so RE felt relieved- RE clarified to MS saying her and JH isn't dating- RE: "Don't worry, I'm over you already! Our renovation, food, you gave them all to us, did you want me to lower my knees and kowtow (which is hitting your head on the ground.. " - RE told JH she just wanted to do something to compensate for the fire accident she caused- JH understood RE as he can see tears in her eyes- their misunderstanding has resolved, both gets closer (relationship wise)- RE tried to lie to JH to get him to check up in the hospital, but he refused to go to the hospital- When he saw MS, he immediately held RE's hands! didn't you say you already cut the link between you guys"- JH did this because he had overheard RE's confession previously- when MS saw them holding hands and RE calling JH Gege (brother), MS felt rather sad- MS: "I see that Gege is no longer my patent, what a pity"- RE took JH home after the check up- RE and JH realise their mothers both died early and in fact on the same day!When RE was stressing over how to ask JH to pretend to be his boyfriend, Xiu Zhen ( RE's friend) suddenly asked RE to help her confess to JH?!

Very sorry, i can't find any reasons to give my only daughter to you."- This is the first time JH and RE's father meeting and it's also the last warning for JHomg.! If i become rich, can i take away all these horrible guilt i have.

" After what No Q said, it made JH remember what RE did for him.

As he thought about it more deeply, his face was filled with smiles of happiness... "You don't know anything about the person RE likes? If RE really wants to be with him, would you not care as well?

apparently ariel lin is going to in the last ep of endless love... O thats just so weird having her randomly come in in the last ep! -- update--apparently there's gonna be a bed scene between JH and the second female lead; XJ but Will requested not to take off his clothes coz he's shy ! You can tell me to do anything you want, im even willing to die!

You can't choose to be rich or poor but you have a choice of being despicable!

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