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Animator linzb0t animated episodes 36 and 37 of the show's Pokémon Fire Red serial, due to lost footage.

Animations were produced consistently for the channel during its first year.

Game Grumps features the hosts playing console-based video games, with series of gameplay being serialized across an episode-a-day basis in 2 hour intervals, the first one at AM, the second at PM, and the third at PM (all times in the Pacific Time Zone).

Episodes on average last approximately 10–15 minutes, with some episodes lasting 20–60 minutes on special occasions.

Guests have included Grant Kirkhope and Steve-O, in addition to talks of inviting "Weird Al" Yankovic and Chris Pratt.

Game Grumps Animated is a series of content-related animations uploaded to the Game Grumps channel.

As of August 29, 2017, 158 serials of gameplay, plus 120 "one-off" episodes, have been released with Avidan.

After Jafari's departure from the channel, animations became much less frequent, with "Sad Hoshi" being the only official animation created during Avidan's first year on the channel.

The show began receiving new weekly animations in December 2014, with guest animators frequently providing their work.

Game Grumps is an American Let's Play webseries created by American comedians and Internet personalities Arin Hanson and Jon Jafari.

The show premiered on video hosting service You Tube on July 18, 2012.

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