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Although neither the panther nor its remains are rumored to have ever been found, the local high school is supposed to have taken its mascot's name from it: The Newbury Park High School "Panthers".

Several commenters below have added information to this urban legend.

Zoltan was attacked and mauled by one of the lions that day which of course caused business to slow down afterwards.

However, although several people claim this was the straw that broke Jungleland's back, in reality, Jungleland was already struggling financially to stay open as it competed against the much larger and newer amusement parks in Southern California.

A hippo sold for 0, a llama 5, a macaw 00, a tortoise 00, a tiger 0, a lion 0, and an orangutan for over ,000.

Despite "No Trespassing" signs being clearly posted, the former animal pools were cleaned out and used as skate board pits, outdoor informal concerts called "Jungleland Jamborees" were occasionally organized on the abandoned land, and the entire area became referred to as the "Jungleland Wasteland" by the diverse crowd that hung out on the old zoo grounds.

It could be said that Jungleland helped create Thousand Oaks into the town it is today.

Visitors flocked to the zoo from all over, many discovering the area for the first time, and several later deciding to settle down there.

Scenes from "Birth of a Nation", "Tarzan", and "The Adventures of Robin Hood" were all filmed there.

Additionally, Goebel also leased animals to circus acts, provided an animal exportation and importation service, assisted in supplying animals to other zoos including furnishing many of the animals for the first zoo in Hawaii and even supplied most of the rhesus monkeys that were used in vaccine research for polio.

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