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Based on each individual’s subconscious criterion, the reasons vary from person to person on why it’s so hard to fall in love.

Loving a person can be extremely difficult -- here’s why: The most common and biggest reason why it’s so hard to fall in love is a fear of commitment.

At first, they would seem extremely flexible and adaptive; it seemed amazing how they shared the same interests.

Later, it would turn out that this was fake compatibility for the sole purpose of winning their commitment, after which the shared interests would stop. Intense Sexuality Forty-seven percent of the survey respondents said that this category fit for them.

It was common for them to tell us how fast their relationships developed, especially physically.

In many cases, they were willing to risk careers, family relationships, and positions in the community for the intensity of these relationships. Take your time and don’t assume that you can change him or her.

There was also an immediate “spark,” they reported. Charm doesn’t always mean that a person is an HCP, but it’s a surprising warning sign.

Three key ways that high-conflict partners can jam your dating radar are through excessive charm; fake compatibility; and intense sexuality.After falling in love, you have to pick up the pieces from the heartbreak.We become guarded because our feelings have been hurt in the past.I thought it very odd that his likes and dislikes seemed to mirror mine. Very early on I detected and ever so slight trace of misogyny in him.I was given the opportunity to gracefully exit the relationship and I took it.

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Some couples have commitment issues and never seem to want to accept the terms of being “official.” While some are reluctant to discuss labels, others are left with not knowing if that person is the right one.

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