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Nicole has always thought he was pretty hot, and she knows he checks her out from time to time.

She decides there and then that revenge is on the cards and her boyfriend's best buddy is part of her naughty plan.

However, Helen knew what was coming and her head went forwards in embarrassment, some of her black hair falling forwards over her face. I could see her body shaking slightly as if she was on the verge of tears, and she answered without looking at Natasha. I should not have done this, should not have asked....

"If she went out and had sex with a stranger, it's dangerous, and who knows what STD's they might be carrying. I knew it was ridiculous to ask this, this will destroy our friendship..." Mike spoke up. The two of you are our best friends, and I know how horrible this suggestion must make you feel, and believe me the thought of Helen with any other man makes me feel awful..we NEED this so much, we don't know what else to do." There was silence after that. The 33 year old mother of my three children had a considering look on her face that surprised me, since part of me had been expecting the announcement from her that we were leaving immediately and that the friendship was over.

Whereas Natasha's breasts and body had filled out as a result of child-bearing, the 33 year old Helen had the trim physique of a woman 15 years younger than her, with small breasts and hips, and a very pert bum.

Indeed, whereas Helen had been carrying some "puppy fat" in the early years I had known her, she had really exercised to get into shape and tone up her body in recent years, probably partly with the objective of increasing her chances of motherhood.

Mike had come onto the scene a year after me, and shortly after he started dating Helen we fell into our pattern of social foursomes.

Mike and I had also became friends, and all of this was further cemented when we all got married within 3 months of each other 2 years later, Natasha and Helen acting as head bridesmaid at each other's wedding, and Mike and I trading usher roles. Natasha got pregnant on our honeymoon, on what must have pretty much been our first attempt.

It became quickly apparent from tests performed that the problem appeared to be Mike, who had a sperm count which was so low that it made conception impossible.Across the table from me, and seated to Natasha's right, was Mike's wife and Natasha's best friend, Helen.As Natasha caught my eye to express with her look how startled she was, I could see Helen staring down at the table in embarrassment, not making eye contact with anyone. "Mike, surely you don't mean..." "That's exactly what I –" He leaned forward to put his elbows on the table, then paused and looked over at Helen. Helen is only going to have a chance of having a baby naturally if she has sex with another man, and...look, this is killing me to say this, but Helen and I have talked about this at length and we want that man to be you John." I sat back and heard Natasha making a blowing sound, followed by the word "Wow." That pretty much summed up my immediate reaction.Helen happened to then glance up at me, and found me looking at her, before she flushed red with embarrassment and quickly ducked her eyes again.An image suddenly flashed into my mind, unbidden....

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