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“I’m surprised you would even ask me.” The exchange leaves us to wonder how badly Carrie’s relationship with Keane has been damaged by the late-night phone call.

Keane’s no fool — she knew Carrie had been drinking.

In Keane, however, Carrie has met her ramrod-straight match.

This episode seeks to convince viewers that the only real parallel program is the one being run by Adal to serve his agenda of thwarting President-elect Keane’s plan to dial back the war on terror, and as such, resources funneled to the intelligence community.S., the hard-liners who gave Javadi a manicure he won’t soon forget.The fact that Saul and Javadi go back many decades — to a pre-revolutionary Iran — is underscored by Saul’s reaction to Javadi’s murder of Amir as he waits in the car that ferried Saul from Barclays Center to his rendezvous with Javadi. C’mon, help me put him in the trunk.” With friends like these…Season 6 is set in the days between the presidential election and the inauguration, with a new PEOTUS waiting in the wings to enter the Oval Office, Carrie Mathison back in the United States, and a disconnect brewing between American intelligence and the White House. But I’ll leave the eerie non-parallels of the setting behind for now.Watching ‘s premiere, therefore, feels like watching an alternate universe play out, no matter where you stand on U. Even aside from the president-elect story line, there’s something odd about this season based on this first hour alone …

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