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I realised so-called healthy carbs and masses of fruit had been sending my blood sugar levels from high to low several times a day - every time they dropped, my body would cry out to be fed - hence the cravings.The words were on the front cover this time: 'anxiety, irritability, bloatedness, heartburn, tiredness, allergies, cystitis, menstrual problems...' An incredible overlap with the book on hypoglycaemia, with a couple more symptoms on top. The discovery of these conditions during my 20s and their documented impact on cravings was exciting enough. There are many and varied causes of these three conditions, but they all have one cause in common - calorie counting.Fruit, muesli bars, cereal, low-fat/low-calorie products – things that you think are healthy - are feeding these conditions beautifully.So, start a diet and you will end up a food addict - the pathway is as clear as that.I could never have imagined that I could eat as much as I do and stay at my perfect weight so easily - not least while eating a 100g bar of 85 per cent dark chocolate every day!To say this has changed my life is an understatement.He referred me to the expert there - Dr Jonathan Brostoff - and I was put on an exclusion diet.

Share Action claims that the companies’ actions put the value of millions of people's pensions at suffered by most people, most days at around 11am and 4pm.It’s that ‘can’t concentrate/must have some food’ kind of feeling and it causes intense cravings for carbs – especially sweets and chocolate etc.Two years after BP and Shell shareholders voted resoundingly in favour of forcing the companies to make detailed disclosures about climate risks, the companies have made unconvincing steps forward, according to the reports.Share Action said that Shell and BP are meeting their legal requirements, but are putting shareholders’ capital at risk because of numerous failings in their plans for the future.

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