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First of all, you sign up your Facebook login information to create your personal account.By accessing the user’s Facebook info as part of the login process, the app eliminates potential scammers.Address: 8899 Beverly Blvd (Robertson), West Hollywood, CA 90048, United States Email Contacts: [email protected], [email protected] you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off, direct your complaint to the Better Business Bureau and file a report.There are plenty of alternatives to Tinder if you’re looking for a casual dating app.We’re expecting an even bigger spike during winter’s cuffing season.And now the Tinder experience is about to jump from our phones to our physical lives, thanks to the genius of AI technology.

After you set up your account, Tinder automatically pulls photos form your Facebook profile pictures, but also provides you with the option to delete images you don’t want to be available on your Tinder profile.

Through the “Moments” section in the app, you can take selfies and then post them to your moments.

From there, you can dress up your photos by adding text or other bits of information.

There is no way you haven’t heard about Tinder, the dating app that’s taking online dating sites to a whole new level.

To learn more about how you too can use this app, continue reading, as we explain all things you want to know about Tinder, here. Plus it’s easy, fast and simple to install and use.

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