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It started in Provo, Utah and has expanded greatly.Good thing, because Camille grew up near the Cafe Rio and went many times during BYU days and probably would be making trips to Utah to have it regularly if it wasn’t in the Phoenix Metro.Think of this as the opportunity to make sure this guy is worthy of more of your time.With a few simple steps, you can ensure that having “the talk” feels less daunting and more straightforward.When to have the talk depends on how long you’ve been together and what you’d like the next step to be.You said you don’t want to sleep with him unless you’re committed, but is your desire to have “the talk” motivated by hormones, or by a genuine desire to move your relationship forward?Are you making plans for spending time together in the future? Being approached to have “the talk” can feel intimidating.Nobody likes getting ominous “we need to talk” text messages, and if he feels put on the spot, he may have a hard time expressing himself.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what’s a deal-breaker and what’s an acceptable compromise; if you’ve had a hard time sticking up for yourself in the past, I’d try to err on the side of deal-breaker.

It can seem so much easier to keep “going with the flow” instead of taking the time to talk about where things are going.

Even though these conversations can feel awkward at first, I don’t think they’re worthy of their scary reputation.

We figured if we could get to about an hour and half we could have a solid date that we could do at home for free. We’ve been building the channel for months asking some of our funniest and most media-centric friends for ideas beyond the ones we already had.

I must say we did it with some criterion: When we added a few more this past week we decided to total the time of the video channel we created- we had over 2 and a half hours of hilarity!

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